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Chickenlip Employment

Chickenlip does not have any positions open at this time, but if you would like to be considered for future positions, please send your resume with a cover letter and salary expectations to info@chickenlip.com.

In the meantime, please prepare answers to the following interview questions:

  1. Are you an egghead?
  2. Geek enough to grok?
  3. Can you explain the difference between JPEG and GIF in 15 words or less?
  4. What's a lightsaber made out of?
  5. What's a l33t? How many can you grow in your garden?
  6. How many computers are running simultaneously in your house right now?
  7. Solve six of Hilbert's Problems. Show your work.
  8. How do you feel?
  9. Do you enjoy rootbeer?
  10. Can you thwart office ninjas quickly and effectively?
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