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Michael Yereniuk

Michael has been working with computers ever since he got his hands on a TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack as a child. After graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with Honours, Michael worked for the private sector and the government, taught programming, and was a consultant before founding Chickenlip in 1999 with his wife Patricia. Michael continues to actively program for a variety of platforms including the web and mobile platforms, client server applications, and database back-ends.


Patricia Yereniuk
Vice President/Systems Analyst

Armed with an Honours diploma in Computer Systems Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Patricia jumped straight into analysis after co-founding Chickenlip with Michael. Patricia's strengths lie in systems and business analysis and data modeling. Patricia has a natural talent for organization and has the ability to sort through business practices to find out what really matters to a company. Patricia is the reigning office Mine Sweeper champion and has her sights set on the office high score for Pinball.


Kyle Jago
IT Specialist

Kyle is the newest member of the Chickenlip team, and has been professionally helping users with computer issues since 2000. He was Assistant Manager at RadioShack/The Source by Circuit City for five years, sold and troubleshooted electronics for eight years, and worked for IBM for three years. He's good at assembling things, and knows how to fix many issues with computers (mainly because he broke them first).

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