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Internet Explorer Crashing on Start or when Printing

Posted by: Michael Yereniuk on 5/1/2013

In the span of about a week, we had several clients who were reporting issues after Windows Update installed Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) during the weekly scheduled update.

We were lucky in that one of the clients was able to leave their PC with us for a few days so we could troubleshoot the issue.

... insert requisite flashback sequence of frustrated techs trying everything to get it working but to no avail...

In the end, we discovered that it was the driver for the user's docking station that was the root cause of the issue. We contacted other affected users and they were all using docking stations.

The solution was to update the latest DisplayLink driver for their device. Some docking stations were Toshiba, others were Dell, and I believe one was Startech.

Once this was updated, IE10 functioned perfectly.

Hopefully this tip saves someone some time and aggravation

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