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Wordpress Default Permissions and Ownership

Posted by: Michael Yereniuk on 9/5/2013

Had an issue after upgrading to Wordpress 3.6 that any uploads to the server required FTP credentials to work.

This ended up being a permissions issue.

I issued the following commands from a console window wihin the httpdocs folder. (Recommended Permissions Credit

This replaces all files with permission 644 (owner RW, Group R, Other R)

find . -type f -print -exec chmod 644 {} \;

This replaces all directories (folders) with permission 755 (owner RWE, Group RE, Other RE)

find . -type d -print -exec chmod 755 {} \;

This changes file and folder ownership to the correct user and group. This server uses Plesk (so the group name is psacln) - your server may be different.

chown -hR friends:psacln ./*

After this was completed, the uploads worked normally. I fully expect future updates to the Wordpress core to auto-update properly as well.


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