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Website Examples

Gibbons School

 We were approached by Gibbons School to create a fun and informative website to promote their school. After working with the school's administrators, we developed this site that contains easy to use navigation and also includes a small content management system that allows for newsletters and pictures to be posted by the school. View the site live at

Gibbons School Website (


Taste of Ukraine

Taste of Ukraine is a Ukrainian-themed restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta. The restaurant itself boasts a unique interior design: it is themed to look like a Ukrainian village with an indoor thatched straw roof, a clothesline, and a variety of artwork on the walls. The site was created to represent the mood and visual appeal of the restaurant. The restaurant management can log into the site and make changes to virtually any of the pages using Chickenlip's custom Content Management System. View the site live at


Taste of Ukraine (

Harco International Inc.

Harco International Inc is a North American distributor of the SteelTailor CNC Cutting Machine. This machine takes an input of a design from a computer and cuts it out of metal using either a flame or plasma torch. The precision of this device puts it far ahead of competitors' products. Based on Harco's typical client base, this site was chosen to immediately show that it's a site in the manufacturing sector and that metals are involved. A short video clip was shot and edited to show the CNC Cutting Machine in action. The clip is streamed to browsers using Flash. View the site live at

Harco International (

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