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Computers don't last forever. Chickenlip can help you stay current with technology by providing competitive prices on anything from hardware upgrades to complete computer systems to software packages.

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Recycling Tax

Alberta's Electronics Recycling Program, a first of its kind in Canada, came into effect on October 1, 2004. The intent of the program is to give Albertans access to drop off their end-of-life electronics (computers and televisions) so material can be recycled. Municipal collection sites and round-ups have been established throughout the province to collect old electronics.

The program, funded by an environmental fee, was implemented on February 1, 2005 with the purchase of new computers and new televisions in Alberta. The fee applies only to new televisions and computer equipment in the initial phase of the program.

The Advance Disposal Surcharge (ADS) or "environmental fee" charged on televisions, computers and computer equipment will be used to cover the costs of collection, transportation, storage, processing and disposal of electronic waste as well as program operations, including public awareness and research-related activities such as improved technologies for recycling.

The program helps to ensure that end-of-life televisions and computer equipment discarded by Albertans are diverted from landfill, ultimately resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment.


Environmental Fees – Alberta (as of August 1, 2011)
Desktop Computers and Servers $4.40
Laptops, Tablets and Notebooks $1.20
Printers $4.80
Monitors $6.00
18" TV and smaller $4.00
19" - 29" TV $10.80
30" - 45" TV $18.80
46" TV and larger $24.00


Environmental Fees – Alberta (as of August 1, 2012)
Desktop Computers and Servers $4.40
Laptops, Tablets and Notebooks $1.20
Printers $4.80
Visual Display Device (Monitors & TV)  
Less than 30" $4.00
30" or larger $10.00



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