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High Speed Internet (DSL)

Chickenlip is now offering high-speed internet service to customers in Alberta and British Columbia.


•    You'll get access to our first-class support system.  We won't put you on hold for an hour before trying to solve your problem.

•    We provide modems and firewalls to all of our customers so that you have a safe experience online.

•    If we can't solve your problem over the phone, we'll do our best to be at your site quickly to help you out.


Unlike other DSL providers, you do not need a phone number to get Chickenlip DSL service.

Visit our support page for a list of common settings.

Our online store ( has more information about our DSL service

Dial-Up Internet

For customers who are unable to get DSL or other high-speed internet services, or for customers who travel a lot, Chickenlip offers Dial-Up Internet accounts.

Visit our support page for a list of roaming numbers and common settings.

Dial-Up Internet prices are available at our online store.

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