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Technical Support

The Chickenlip Technical Support group provides up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of technology to our clients.

Our technical support is trained in many different sorts of tasks:


Hardware & Software Service & Support

Computers crash. Viruses infect your system. Spyware slows down your computer. These are all day-to-day challenges of owning and using computers. Technical Services can get you back up-and-running by cleaning your computer of viruses and spyware.

Network installation and troubleshooting

Need to connect the offices in your building with a LAN? Do you have multiple offices in multiple locations that need to share data? Are you over-taxing your peer-to-peer network and need to move up to something more professional? Or do you need to create a small network? We can help by providing you with a solution based on your specific requirements.

Hardware & Software recommendations

Unsure about what kind of server/digital camera/monitor/accounting package/etc. to purchase? We can determine your needs and make recommendations for you to help in your decision-making process.

Hardware & Software Service & Support

Chickenlip can troubleshoot and repair any problem that might be occurring with your system. Here are some common problems and solutions. If you need more information, please contact us!


Computer not working at all

This is either a hardware problem or an operating system problem. A hardware problem usually prevents the computer from starting in the first place. An operating system problem occurs when the computer tries to start, and gets to a certain point in the process then either reports an error (The Blue Screen of Death in Windows) or freezes.


Computer working really slowly

Most likely, this means that either your computer is really old and/or it's infected with spyware. Spyware is programming that is put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties. This programming is typically picked up by surfing the internet and installing software like Gator (GAIN), CoolWebSearch Toolbar, and PurityScan. Download Spybot Search & Destroy to scan for spyware.



Running a computer attached to the internet without some sort of virus scanner is a very bad idea. It is strongly recommended that an AntiVirus program be installed. We’ve used a lot of different kinds of virus protection, and recommend Eset's Nod32 Antivirus System for stability, speed, and accuracy.

Eset has a free online security tool that will scan your computer for security risks.


Concerned about hackers?

Any computer on a permanent connection (ADSL, cable modem) should be protected by a firewall to prevent unauthorized access from the internet. Most often, firewalls come bundled with internet routers that allow sharing of one connection by many computers (both wireless and wired). Special care must be taken when setting up a wireless network to ensure that only authorized computers can gain access to the network.


Network Installation and Troubleshooting

Chickenlip provides full-service computer networking services (installation, configuration, administration, and wiring).

We specialize in Windows-based servers and can build and configure servers for networks of any size -- including wireless networks.

Please contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to discuss how Chickenlip can help you out!


Technical Consulting

Chickenlip is proud to stay on top of current technological trends, and can provide recommendations for new systems, servers, components, and software.

Quite often, customers know what their end result needs to be, but don't know how to get there. Chickenlip is well-suited to handle this responsibility and will provide several options and rollout plans to realize the customer's goal. The major benefit of this is that our customers can continue to focus on their business while we do the research for them and explain the results in language they can understand.


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